Massage Therapy is manual, or hands on manipulation of soft body tissues (muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) by using techniques such as kneading, petrissage, tapotement, friction, effleurage and joint movements to enchance a person's health and well-being. Professional massage therapy can benefit those of any age and genders, lifestyles and special populations. Consult with your family doctor before proceeding. Seek sessions from a licensed massage therapist professional.  

 *(Each service includes hot towels and aromatherapy)*

Full body Therapeutic Massage

(*MOST POPULAR*) Designed and thoughtfully planned with your specific needs and muscular conditions. During each consultation we establish treatment goals. Techniques are combined to guide you to a harmonious state of being and probably drift you to sleep.

75 minutes / $60

Deep Tissue Massage

This bodywork targets deeper underlined muscles, fascia, and tissues. It can too be used for more muscle definition. Using relaxation techniques as well, the pressure during this session is more intense, slower, and sometimes at a "stand-still" on a particular muscle or muscle group. A popular goal for this treatment is to help relieve chronic muscular dysfunction or release "knots"

90 minutes / $70

Hot Stone Therapy

(**CLIENTS FAV !**)A specialty massage where heated stones are used as an extension of my hands or placed directly on the body. The heat helps soften tight muscles, allowing work to be done more quickly and comforting.This modality is very comforting and relaxing.

90 minutes / $85

Athlete Massage

Designed with professional athletes in mind. Due to the vigorous and repetitive motions in muscles and joints, this is just the right touch to relax, improve flexibility, reduced the risk of injuries, increase range of motion, amplify strength and endurance & much more.

2 hours/ $100


 Studies show that on the soles of our feet, palms of our hands, as well as our ears have areas that when stimulated with massage techniques cause a positive response to other systems of the body and organs. This modality is meant to cause a deep level of tension relief throughout the whole body and rejuvenation. Also very convenient ! When lying down you can be fully dressed.  

Indescribably relaxing !

60 minutes / $ 50

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Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy a woman's body experiences many physical and hormonal changes to prepare for gestation and delivery of a baby. All amenities and accommodations are awaiting for this amazingly strong individual. Techni to relax and sooth her mind and body. 

60 minutes / $70

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 There is a notable difference between providing esthetics (or aesthetics) and massage therapy. While some skills and implements may over lap, these are two different licenses in Ohio through two different licensee agencies providing different services and treatment goals. Skin esthetics is the art of making the skin pretty. A licensed esthetician is a trained professional who provides beautification treatments to the face and body.Through non-invasive services only, a  licensed esthetician can exfoliate up to stratum corneum cells only to make the skin appear more attractive. They can learn about relaxation massage, make-up artistry, facial treatments, body wraps and scrubs, waxing, even eyelash extensions. All to improve one's appearancee and self esteem.

*(Each service includes complimentary additives)*

The Optimum Facial

(**MOST POPULAR**)Beginning with my signature "deep cleansing step", this facial improves the appearance of your skin immediately. Includes exfoliation to remove dull, dead cells, necessary extractions, steaming to open pores with a comfortable facial massage and mask. Ending with a cooling mist to trap in nutrients and close pores plus serums and moisturizers!


Anti Aging Facial

This facial is filled with powerful active ingredients that will fight the appearance of lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and dehydration. brighten skin's complexion and reduces the look of heavy aging


Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions


A safe and hygienic approach to professional eyelash extensions!

Extensions come in multiple lengths and is bonded to one isolated natural lash at a time. Skillfully placed to elongate the natural lash

***customized to desired look

***pain-free & very relaxing application process

*** thorough consultation

***first set $100


Fills starting at $50

Removal $12

Acne Facial

Acne is defined in a particular way and is not confined to puberty and adolescense. It can occur at any time. Combat this condition with consistency and a professinal approach. Introduce yourself to a new world of clearer skin.


"Just For Men" Facial

Facials for men are specially formulated to male needs often times shaving-related or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness. A man's skin is 25% thicker than a woman's and produces more sebum (oil) and has higher collagen density. Things like these are exactly why a man's facial exist. This facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation to remove dull, dead cells, steaming to open pores with a comfortable facial massage and mask. 

  starting at $60

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Thorough Waxing

Clean,  safe, and as comfortable waxing!

Upper Lip $10

Toes $10

Fingers $10

Eyebrows $ 12

Chin $ 12

Sides of Face $ 15

Underarms (both)$25

Legs (both) $40

Full legs (both) $55

Bikini $45

Brazilian $60

Chest $45

Back $45

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Body Treatments

Skin is the largest organ. It requires attentiveness and proper hydration to be at its most vibrant and most healthiest.

(*MY FAV*)Diamond Scrub; leaving skin irresistibly smooth  w/ a glowing tone because of dead cell exfoliation & blood circulation !

60 minutes / $70

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(1) Optimum facial

(1) one hour and a half application session of semi permanent  individual eyelash extensions


Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions


(1) two hours and a half application session of semi permanent individual eyelash extensions



A Gift


(1) Deep Tissue Massage