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**What's Trending In My Industry......**

Recently I received an urgent Update newsletter from  The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), the largest non-profit, professional organization serving massage therapists ​. Excitedly to hear, the AMTA is actively involved in conversations with other important organizations and the FDA to educate the public on massage therapy for pain.  

 AMTA supports the American College of Physicians new guidelines recommending massage therapy as one of the first non- drug therapies for lower back pain.  

Please visit amtamassage.org for more information about massage therapy !

 AMTA has worked with the Academy of Integrative Pain Management to foster ongoing dialog on integration of massage therapy into approaches to pain instead of using excessive pain prescription pills

AMTA worked directly with the West Virginia Attorney General for a program to reduce use of opioids for pain. The state public education program includes a recommendation of massage therapy as a first-line approach vs opioids and is a blueprint for other states to follow.